Utility rated Aircraft

Initial training for advanced UPRT may be performed on a Utility class aircraft. This will restrict the maneouvres performed, specifically we will not cover the required negative G in Utility aircraft.

Utility aircraft may be rated to negative G, but practically speaking it is not realistic. One important finding:ā€“ during negative G, the engine oil will leavethe engine thru the ventilation tube ā€“ this could not only mean an unplesant cleaning job, but it should beconsidered a safety problem.
Since incipient spins are trained, the aircraft must be certified for spins. It is not acceptable doing incipient spins ie. on the borderline to spins, with an aircraft not approved for spins – for safety.

LenAir recommends only using Aerobatic rated aircraft for Advanced UPRT training – for better and safer training.
We offer: Super Decathlon or Extra 200 – both fully aerobatic, highly maneuverable aircraft capable of inverted flight (required by EASA)