Aerobatic rated Aircraft

To ensure the ability to perform all the maneuvres with ample margin, we use aerobatic rated aircraft

You have the choice of two aircraft types:

  • Super Decathlon
  • Extra 200

Due to the  fully aerobatic ability you will have the opportunity to experience maneuvres beyond the minimum requirement as an option, whether you choose the Decathlon or the Extra


Extra 200 - World class aerobatic

Extra 200 is a world class aerobatic competition airplane approved for +/-10 G. The Extra 200 is a 2 seat training version of the world champion single seater. 

The Extra 200 have fully inverted fuel and oil system with a symmetrical wing.
The Extra 200 is a bit more expensive – but worth it.

Super Decathlon- Fully Aerobatic Trainer

Super Decathlon is approved in the Aerobatic category and is equipped with fully inverted fuel and oil systems as well as a symmetrical airfoil thus allowing the student to experience a wide range of g-loads including negative g’s.

The Super Decathlon is the worlds most popular Aerobatic trainer, is easy to fly even if you have never flow a similar aircraft.