Aerobatic rated Aircraft

To ensure the ability to perform all the maneuvres with safe margin, we use only fully aerobatic rated aircraft

You have the choice of two aircraft types:

  • Super Decathlon
  • Extra 200

With the  fully aerobatic ability you actually experience all the required maneuvres   (no shortcuts) and – if you choose – beyond, whether you choose the Super Decathlon or the Extra 200.

Don’t settle for less – so-called limited aerobatic aircraft are , yes limited ie. not approved for aerobatics – not allowed for inverted flight,  have less powerfull engine and only fixed pich propeller – so you spend your time climbing  and loosing altitude while not being able to do all the required maneuvers. Safety margin is less due to limited allowed g-load.


Extra 200 - World class aerobatic

Extra 200 is a world class aerobatic competition airplane approved for +/-10 G. The Extra 200 is a 2 seat training version of the world champion single seater. 

The Extra 200 have fully inverted fuel and oil system with a symmetrical wing.
The Extra 200 is a bit more expensive – but worth it.

Super Decathlon- Fully Aerobatic Trainer

Super Decathlon is approved in the Aerobatic category (+6/-5 G) and is equipped with fully inverted fuel and oil systems as well as  symmetrical airfoil, thus allowing the student to experience a wide range of g-loads including the important negative g’s.
The engine is a powerfull 180 hp Lycoming 360  fitted with the famous MT-constant speed propeller, thus delivereing the full power both at low or high speed -a simple and much safer operation without the risk of overspeeding the propeller.

The Super Decathlon is the worlds most popular Aerobatic trainer, – for a good reason:  easy to fly even if you have never flow a similar aircraft.
Highly maneuverable and stable – such a pleasure to fly.