This course is for UPRT Flight Instructors.
Your UPRT FI priviledges must be renewed or revalidated within 12 month before you act as UPRT FI.
Practically speaking you must have a refresher course anually
LenAir offer the annual refresher course for UPRT FI’s with qualified intructors


You must have a valid or expired UPRT FI, ref. FCL 915, to enter the course

Course details

1 flight of 1:30 (Block-to-block) in our Super Decathlon or Extra 200.
Theoretical knowledge is covered on a one-to-one bases during pre and post flight briefings


When succefully completed our intructor will sign your logbook for the extention of your UPRT FI
priviledges for 12 month from previous expiration date (Revalidation) or course completions date
(Renewal), to end of month.

Comprehensive course include:

Materials accessible online, in advance
Pre- and post flight briefing
Access to aircraft and hangar facilities outside training
Friendly support to you (also non-flying) needs
Loan of headset offered


– Aircraft familiarzation
– Steep turns up to 75° bank at varying speeds incl. min. speed.
– Slow flight at critical slow speed and during high bank angel
– Spiral dive
– Stall, different types including all attitude stalls and slip/skid stalls
– Nose high and nose low recoveries – 60°nose up and 30°nose down , bank 45°.
– Bank angles exceeding 90°
– Inverted flight
– Spin, incipient and fully developed – aircraft  certified for spins without restrictions.
– Optional maneuvres exceeding the minimum requirements avaliable

G loads in the range 2.5 to -1G as required by EASA. Optional higher G-Loads according to your wish.
The training will cover visual, Simulated IMC and two pilot crew recoveries with a train-to-proficiency
Surprise and startling effect will be introduced and mitigation methods trained