Short Notice UPRT :
Call +45 22813908

The International A-UPRT Specialists

Upset Prevention and Recovery Training for international students. 

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International students Welcome

International students Welcome

Short-notice A-UPRT – Call +45 22813908 or

Advanced Upset Prevention and Recovery Training

Ask us for training  tomorrow – Our Instructors and Aircraft are ready

Aircraft qualified for UPRT: Enjoy, Power, maneuverability and all-attitude capabilty, incl. negative GSuper Decathlon or Extra200.     Don’t go for less

Instructors qualified for UPRT. All airline pilots and top competition pilots
Syllabus for UPRT – Excercises  specially designed for your joyfull and best learning. Optional: Loop, roll and other fully aerobatic maneuvers – your choice

Our Advanced Upset Prevention and Recovery Training course:
3 hrs. flight time. 2 x 1:30 hrs or  3 x 1:00 hrs – Your choice
Fully compliant with EASA FCL.745.A – we don’t cut corners

Superior Service
Foreign or out of town student? – ask us about Transportation and lodging
UPRT Flight training  at Copenhagen, Roskilde Airport (EKRK)
– Conveniently near Wonderful Copenhagen
– Perfect location for Upset Prevention and Recovery Training

Lennart Wahl