Advanced UPRT Flight Instructor - Training Course

Do you wish to become a Advanced-UPRT flight intructor?

LenAir Aps has plenty of experience in teaching
A-UPRT – 745
A-UPRT flight instructors, A-UPRT refresher courses 

To enter the course

– CPL(A) or higher
– FI(A) 
– 500 hrs on aeroplanes
– 200 hrs flight instruction
Precourse assesment completed, within 6 month before commencement of the course.
– *Acrobatic rating*  (FCL 800)
– * Advanced UPRT course  (FCL745)
*Similar background, such as  relevant military experience or FAA equivalent, may substitute for Aerobatic rating and/or A-UPRT (FCL 745)

Course details

1) Aerobatic rating: 5 hrs flying + 3 hrs theory
2) A-UPRT (FCL 745.A): 3 hrs  flying + 5 hrs theory
3) Pre-course assesment: one flight, 1:30 + briefings
4) UPRT FI: One flight, 1:30 + briefings
Total: 11 hrs flight plus Theory/briefings.

– Super Decathlon
– Extra 200.

Theoretical knowledge is covered on a one-to-one basis or at class settings.

Depending on your background and the result of the asssesment flight, one or more preparation flights may be necessary


After succesfully having completed the ‘Advanced UPRT, Instructors Course’, LenAir Aps will issue a signed Course certificate.

Comprehensive course include:

Materials accessible online, in advance
Pre- and post flight briefing
Access to aircraft and hangar facilities outside training
Friendly support to you (also non-flying) needs
Loan of headset offered