Advanced UPRT theoretical knowledge - A high quality online LIVE course

The course
Online Interactive training ‚Äď you are online with the instructor, so you can discuss, pose questions etc. live.
You will recive an invitation with a link, so you easily can join the online course anywhere in the world.

Time schedule
10:00 CEST:  Online Training with our instructor starts
15:30 CEST: Conclusion of course. The course time includes 5 hours training (EASA requirement) plus breaks total 5:30 hrs.

When you have succefully completed the theoretical training, LenAir will issue a certificate of succesfull completion.

The theoretical knowledge course covers the requirements  as per EASA Aircrew regulations part FCL 745.A
The course i considered an integral part of the Advanced UPRT course, but may be taken separately.

Reason for EASA to require the course
Loss of control in flight (LOC-I) is the type of accident with the highest number of people loosing their lives in aviation accidents. It is not the most common type of accident, but it is the most serious.

EASA have made this a focal point and consequently introduced the Advanced UPRT course as a requirement per 20 dec 2019.

The requirement is descibed in:
Article 4b
Article 1, Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011 is amended as follows:
Article 4b, Upset prevention and recovery training.

  1.   Upset prevention and recovery training shall become a mandatory part of a training course for a multi-crew pilot licence (MPL), an integrated training course for airline transport pilots for aeroplanes (ATP(A)), a training course for a commercial pilot licence for aeroplanes (CPL(A)) and training courses for a class or type rating for:

(a) single-pilot aeroplanes operated in multi-pilot operations;
(b) single-pilot non-high-performance complex aeroplanes;
(c) single-pilot high-performance complex aeroplanes; or
(d) multi-pilot aeroplanes;

in accordance with Annex I (Part-FCL).